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EMP GoWIN Global is among the top executive search firms and executive recruitment firms globally. We are quite different and unique compared to many other executive recruitment, staffing companies, executive search companies and other recruitment agencies.

Here’s how we step in

  • Clear understanding of the client’s needs in executive hiring. Most of our senior partners being from a sales background, we understand the importance of need identification very clearly. We go well beyond the regular questions that typical recruitment agencies or staffing companies ask their client’s like – budget for the position, time frame to fill the position etc, We ask our clients questions related to role criticality, decision making authority, accountability & responsibility depth, strategic importance, future growth path, opportunities for leadership and related questions.
  • Engagement with clients on a global level across geographies. Since most of our client engagements are with top MNCs who have a global presence, we start servicing our clients in one of the geographies like the USA and soon we support their leadership hiring efforts in other key geographies like UK, Europe, Asia, Middle East & Africa, Australia and other emerging geographies.
  • Engagement with client at all strategic levels – Sales, technology & operational leadership positions. Our clients, satisfied with our executive search & leadership hiring services have very often come back to us asking if we can support them in other strategic hiring areas like hiring business leaders, technology leaders, operations leaders, P&L leaders, business unit heads, practice leaders, marketing heads, HR heads, recruitment & talent acquisition leaders.
  • Strong relationship with the “C” level / Management / Key decision makers of client organization. Unlike many of the recruitment agencies and executive placement organizations we engage with the “C” level management decision makers, hence our executive candidates who are interviewed, can look forward to quick decisions from the client’s management, access and visibility with the executive management of the client’s organization.
  • Experienced research team which performs background efforts before approaching an executive candidate. The quality of candidates are a result of quality research by our team of highly experienced researchers. Executive research is an art by itself, our executive search researchers have spent years and years reviewing senior management executives across the globe. Our high quality research cuts down the time to identify the right executive level candidate and we reach the executive or leadership candidate quickly.
  • Assessment of the leadership candidate to ensure skill, experience, cultural fitment with client organization. There are several kinds of assessments that are available in the market that executive search agencies and recruitment companies make use of to screen their candidate, we use some of the most advanced and most effective assessment tools and tests. This include advanced psychometric assessment tools, strengths identifying tools, leadership assessment tools, leadership competency assessment test etc
    Based on the assessment results, we schedule a mentoring / coaching session with the executive / leadership candidate to communicate the assessment feedback and guide the candidate into the right career path that is most suitable to them based on their assessment results. Many candidates have felt this as very valuable and have recommended this to their peers in the industry.
  • Building a strong relationship with our executive level candidates. We understand that a relationship is for life, instead of viewing the relationship as just limited to this transaction, we ensure to build a long term relationship as a trusted advisor and career mentor with our executive candidates. Most of our candidates who have not been placed by us still keep in regular touch with us, because they value the relationship, the mentoring and guidance they received when they were at crossroads in their career path.
  • Understand

    This is an important step to understand the client and candidate needs clearly. There are many facets not exposed on the resume. We uncover that.

  • Assess

    Through a technology advisory panel, we assess the candidate’s technology competency. Through our values based assessment methods, we assess the leadership skills.

  • Mentor

    Take them through a mentoring and leadership guidance roadmap based on their strengths before presenting their candidature to our trusted global technology clients


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