About us

EMP GoWIN Global FZ LLC is an international executive search & leadership hiring organization based in Dubai, UAE. .

We support our clients in executive level mandates across USA, Canada, UK & Europe, Middle East & Africa, across Asia & Australia. It is our sincere intention and honest effort to bring Senior executive level talent from across the globe into UAE and also help local businesses to expand globally by hiring the right leaders in international regions.

Our strength has been our ability to help any business grow by bringing in the right Sales, Marketing & niche tech professionals at the mid and leadership levels. Our experience, track record, client and candidate testimonials clearly indicate that we bring in tremendous value to any business relationship by helping our clients identify and hire top performing Sales, Marketing & Niche technology professionals across industries.

The EMP GoWIN Global team comprises of a group of passionate executive search professionals with deep industry experience, we are an interesting mix of accomplished senior executives from the industry and highly energetic executive recruitment professionals whose only aim is to help a needy client hire the right Sales, Marketing or niche technology candidate who will help grow their business to the next level.

We are constantly expanding our Global presence through strategic executive search partners, this allows us to provide quality executive search to companies around the world covering all the key geographies like USA & Canada, UK & Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia & Australia, with an intention to help our global clients and candidates through our executive search service.

We endeavor in creating long term relationships with our executive candidates, we strongly believe that our relationships are our true asset and hence we give it the highest level of importance.

Over the years we have built a high level of trust with our global customers and our senior executive candidates across industries and across levels. All our searches are extremely confidential, we have a high level of respect and regard to the client, position’s confidentiality and candidate’s privacy.Our list of clients includes constantly growing, trusted global MNCs ranging from well-funded startups to Multi billion $ revenue generating business.

It’s our commitment and dedication to service every leadership hiring mandate with high quality industry leaders that makes our clients to constantly reach out to us for help in their critical and strategic leadership hiring needs because, we are specialized in identifying what truly defines the best global executive talent, irrespective of function or role.

We combine our extensive experience in identifying potential candidates with advanced psychometric assessments and screening methodologies to ensure perfect fitment to your current organization’s needs.

We could potentially add value to your search/ recruiting efforts and in-turn you could leverage on our search strategies and expertise, making the right hire for critical strategic roles more important, or the market for talent more competitive.We understand that in today’s world of competition, highest importance is placed on ethics, values & integrity of a leader, trust gets built of leaders with high level of integrity. Whether it’s a client we are working with or with a candidate, we place the highest importance these values.

Our Core Values

We empower women

Empowerment of Women is very close to our heart . We also focus on specially abled staff by providing them an environment which will invite them to perform to their best

We Pursue Excellence

Every team member is provided an equal opportunity to strive for excellence in what they do. Their sense of pride is fuel to our organization’s growth.

We Practice Honesty

To strive our best to provide an opportunity to any deserving candidate irrespective of their background. We bring the same ethics for our clients

We Create Fun

Fun also means developing a spirit of entrepreneurship & freedom among the team members. Serving our customer’s hiring needs with enthusiasm

Our AQ Framework

Alignment Quotient

Often we hear that the attitude forms 90% and hard work takes the remaining 10%. That is very true in a corporate environment as well.

How do we connect the dots?

Talk to us and we can explore your organizational hiring needs and how well our AQ framework blends into this.

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Alignment quotient is a unique self assessment / psychometric assessment tool which can be used to evaluate an individual’s ability to align with the core values of the organization, even before the decision is taken to hire the individual. This tool is available on request and can be customized to plugin the organization’s core values. In leadership hiring, more important than IQ or EQ is AQ – through which an organization can make the critical decision of whether the key executive or leader is aligned to the organization’s core values, as this can ensure a smooth transition into the role and strong bonding with the people who are already part of the organization’s developed ecosystem.